Men Who Knit

kitautumnfloralparade13af4a76c7ec8e2f77048341f31fecec2From yesteryear’s Cary Grant to this year’s Ryan Gosling, a number of male celebrities are known knitters, but few are known for their creative knitting. Franklin Habit and Kaffe Fassett are two men who are.

Kaffe Fassett is more well-known and diversified in his artistic creations. He is famous for his exuberant use of color and has a vast empire of fabrics and needlepoint, plus clothing, ribbons, paintings, mosaics, fragrances, and teapots among other goods for sale on his website. He has written more than two dozen books since his Passionate Patchwork in 2001. Four, including Welcome Home and Adventures in Color, were published in 2017.

61jbwyl9kl-_ac_us327_ql65_-2Kaffe Fassett was born in San Francisco in 1937, the second of five children, and grew up with his family in Big Sur, California. As a child, he named himself Kaffe after an Egyptian character in a book he read, and has been known by that name ever since. He has lived and worked in England since 1964 and his long career has branched in many directions, but knitting is still the work that calms and grounds him. “Just the therapeutic rhythm of stitching or knitting soothes me,” he says. See many more examples of his varied talents here.5d38c935b83c034dfe36107127ebdd54

The equally unusually named Franklin Habit describes himself as a designer, teacher, author, and illustrator. It is the last two that first caught my eye and prompted me to include him in this post. He seems to spend most of his non-knitting time teaching knitting across the country and internationally, and is a poplar member of festival faculties. He is also a prolific 61a0jufshrl-_sx388_bo1204203200_writer for various knitting magazines and has regular columns in several. In knitting design, he is particularly known for his hats, but if he is less exuberant with yarn than Kaffe, he is more exuberant with pen. He is the author of the very funny It Itches: A Stash of Knitting Cartoons (Interweave Press, 2008 –sample cartoon below) and I Dream of Yarn: A Knit and Crochet Coloring Book 8fb7887785a49740326858d949922caa(Soho Publishing, June 2016), both of which are delightful.