Who We Are

Creating Delight: Connecting Gratitude, Humor and Play was written by Kathy Laurenhue during an extended sojourn in Melbourne, Australia where she was aided by her longtime friends and colleagues Bron Roberts and Sharon Wall who helped her come up with ideas for and create and photograph illustrations of the results of those ideas.

Kathy and Bron met each other through their longtime membership in the Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor (www.AATH.org), and are both Certified Humor Professionals. Kathy and Sharon first met through their collaboration on an Australian aged care project many years ago and have long been supportive of each other’s work.

Kathy Laurenhue, CEO (Chief Enthusiasm Officer) of Wiser Now, Inc. has put her master’s degree in Instructional Technology (training) to work in the field of aging for 30+ years throughout the U.S. and Australia. Although she originally built her reputation in the field of dementia care, in recent decades, her focus has been on the broader field of wellbeing in aging and providing positive stimulation for the minds of all older adults as well as intergenerational audiences. She is the author of five books, dozens of downloadable courses and webinars, the award-winning weekly e-newsletter Wiser Now Wednesday, (now known as Wait Lifters,) plus hundreds of word games, trivia quizzes, discussion topics, and creative training exercises. In everything Kathy creates, her goal is to add a bit of cheerfulness and kindness to a world that needs every bit we can generate.


Bron Roberts is CFO (Chief Happiness Officer) of Let’s Laugh (www.letslaugh.com.au). With over 40 years’ experience as a meditation and stress management trainer, almost as long as a humour and laughter consultant, and a humour-filled presentation style that is guaranteed to get groups laughing, Bron keeps participants engaged from the first moment till the last.  Combining her academic background in neuroscience, psychology and behavioural therapy, her training in laughter yoga, mindfulness and movement, and her passion for creating healthier, happier individuals, communities and workplaces Bron is known for creating wellbeing programs that inspire lasting change in individuals and organisations. For proof, check out the list of 150+ clients and the broad sampling of testimonials on her website.


Sharon Wall (www.ageingbycaring.com.au) is a nurse with a Masters of Public Health and over 45 years working in the aged care sector. As the director of “Ageing by Caring Pty Ltd,” she enhances the experience of ageing by caring, communicating, and creating. She has, over the last decade, been working in the Aboriginal ageing space and translating research around ageing and dementia into practical resources and learnings for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Elders and communities. She’s published widely in the areas of dementia, Aboriginal Ageing, Multicultural Ageing, and Advance Care Planning. Sharon has a long- standing association with the Clown Doctors and Humour Foundation through a valued association with the wonderful and much loved Peter Spitzer (1946-2014). Peter (aka Dr Fruit-Loop, Spitzer's clown doctor alter ego) was the founder of the Australian Clown Doctor Program. She currently acknowledges Peter’s lasting legacy as she prepares Elder Clowns to work in aged care settings by providing them with dementia training and support.